Family Session - FAQs

Why should we choose you to photograph our pet(s)?

I have always been drawn to animals, and them to me, but have seen first-hand through the rescuing of our own puppy, the meaningful impact they have in our lives. Our pets are not afraid to show their emotions, and their faces are always full of expressions. It brings me so much joy and satisfaction to be able to capture some of these split-second expressions and share them with you.

Where does this session take place?

It's important to me that your pet(s) are in the best environment possible, where they can feel the most comfortable. To accomplish this, I do the session in the comfort of your own home.

Our house is quite small, will it still work for our session?

Yes! It doesn't matter how big or how small your house is, it's where you and your pet call home, and will work just fine for your session. I only ask that we use a room that has the most amount of natural sunlight in order for me to get the best photos possible.

Is there an ideal time for this session?

My style of photography is based on the use of all available natural lighting (sunlight), rather than the use of flash lighting, which might cause your pet to become stressed. In order for me to be able to use the best sunlight, I've made the pet sessions available from mid-morning to mid-afternoon.

I have an old and/or sick pet. Would I still be able to book a session for them?

Absolutely! Our pets mean everything to us, and it doesn't matter what stage of life they are in, they deserve to be photographed and remembered.

I have a pet that is hyper/shy/etc, what do we do?

Embrace it! Every pet has their own personality, so why not celebrate it. I personally love being able to capture their expressions, no matter how challenging it might be. in some instances, pets with these traits can provide the most amazing photographs.

Is there anything I can do with my pet in order to prepare them for our session?

I suggest that just prior to our session, that you take your pet out for a good walk to help burn any extra energy they might have during my visit.
Grooming your pet isn't necessary, but if you choose to do so, I would recommend doing it a couple of days ahead of your session. Arranging to have your pet's grooming on the same day as your session may result in over stimulating/stressing your pet.

Is it ok if I get my picture taken with my pet?

For Sure! I love being able to capture the special bond between you and your pet(s). That being said, this is a pet session, and the majority of the images should be of your pet, not an attempt to get family portraits done for free. If you are interested in having your family portraits done, please check out my [family session's page][1].

Is there anything I should have on hand during our session?

To help with keeping your session a positve experience for everyone, including your pet, having their favorite toys and treats nearby is recommended. Additionally, a 'helping hand' attitude is greatly appreciated, especially if your pet is hyper/shy and occasionally needs to be handled during the session.

Besides dogs and cats, what other types of pets will you photograph?

I will photograph almost anything, with the exception being reptiles, amphibians, or insects (sorry, not my cup of tea).

When do I pay?

Payment for the session portion, is due at the conclusion of our scheduled appointment. Payment for additional photos will be collected after you make the selection of favorited images on your private online gallery.

What forms of payment do you select?

Currently, I accept cash, cheques, visa, mastercard or money transfers. If paying by cheque, there will be a hold period of 1-2 weeks, to allow the payment to clear.

So we just had our session, now what?

After your pet session, I will personally review and only edit the best quality images. I will then upload the final edited photographs to a private online gallery, for your own viewing pleasure. An email letting you know that your gallery is ready to view, and containing your log-in information will be sent to you. You can now access your online gallery and review all available images at your own leisure, pressure free. Selecting the images you would like to receive is simply done by clicking on the star, located beneath each image. If you select more than the 4 images included in this session, I will confirm that your extra selections are correct. Once confirmed, I will provide you with a seperate invoice for the additional images. I will mail you a cd containing all of your selected images as soon as your payment for the additional images has been cleared.

How much are the additional images that are available for purchase?

Included with your pet session are 4 high-quality images, while each additional image added to your selection will cost $20.

 Family portrait in Winnipeg by Chris McOmber Photography


   Still not sure if this session is right for your family?    Feel free to contact me, and I will do my best to answer any questions you may have!