In the following conditions of contract " The Photographer(s)" shall mean Chris McOmber Photography, or any photographers appointed by Chris McOmber Photography.  "The Client(s)" shall be those whose name appears on the contract/booking form.  By booking Chris McOmber Photography for your portrait session, you agree to be bound by the Terms & Conditions set out below.  They cannot be varied in any way by The Client(s) unless such conditions are expressly agreed by The Photographer(s) in writing.

1.  Professional Photography and Copyright Law:  All images, including website images are copyrighted and owned by The Photographer(s) at Chris McOmber Photography, and is therefore illegal to copy photographs, or allowed to be copied, by any means photographic or otherwise, by any person or machine other than by The Photographer(s) or their appointed agents, unless The Client(s) have paid for said copyrighted images.   
2.  Display:  Chris McOmber Photography respectfully requests that their website images are not copied either for the purposes of downloading or reprinting or uploading to social networking sites.  As well as infringing upon the above copyrights, the resulting copies will not reflect the quality of the originals, which have been professionally edited; this could damage the photographer's reputation for producing the highest standard of work.

The Client(s) hereby allow(s) The Photographer(s) to display any photograph covered by this contract and to generally promote the business in advertising, brochures, magazine articles and other such material, providing that the images used are used lawfully and without damage to The Client(s)

3.  Payment:  Family portrait sessions must be paid for with a deposit of fifty percent of the total session cost (including costs of additional family members) at the time of booking, with the remaining balance due at the end of said session.  Any additional prints added to your order after the session will be invoiced and required to be paid in full, prior to the release of said images.  Chris McOmber Photography accepts payment by cheque (with clearance hold period), Visa, MasterCard, cash, and money transfer.

4.  Online Viewing:  To assist The Photographer(s) workflow, images will remain on Chris McOmber Photography's website for a period of 30 days only and will be removed at the end of this time.  The photographs have been uploaded to a gallery for viewing and selection purposes only.  Photos may not be copied, downloaded or photographed for The Client's own use, as this will also infringe on the copyright law, outlined above.  

5.  Photographer's Portfolio:  To promote the work of Chris McOmber Photography and create new publicity material, The Photographer(s) need to maintain a portfolio of recent work to show both existing as well as prospective clients.  A selection of your images may be chosen to appear on Chris McOmber Photography's website and in promotional literature or any relevant advertising.  The photographs will only be used in the context of promoting the work of Chris McOmber Photography.  Client details are never shared with third parties, and client confidentiality is respected always.

6.  Cancellation(s):  To assist with The Photographer(s) workflow and scheduling, any cancellation/termination, for a reason other than an 'Act of God' by The Client(s) within a 24-hour period of the scheduled appointment, will result in the session deposit becoming non-refundable or non-transferable to future or rescheduled appointments.  Cancellations by The Client(s), made up to 72 (Seventy-Two) hours before a scheduled session, but not less than 24 hours as outlined above, will result in the session deposit becoming non-refundable, but credited towards a rescheduled appointment.  The non-refundable deposit credit remains valid, provided the newly, rescheduled session takes place within 90 days of the original session date, otherwise the credit becomes void and becomes the property of The Photographer(s).  For all cancellations made with 72 (Seventy-Two) or more hours before a scheduled session, regardless of reason, a full refund of the deposit will be returned to The Client(s).  Due to any unforeseen circumstances, The Photographer(s) reserves the right to cancel a family session at any time, without any penalty to The Client(s) or The Photographer(s), and a full refund will be issued.